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Chicken cuteness

Posted by on July 19, 2011

Today after work, we went up to Everett to see some friends before coming home. As a result, we got home after 8pm. Typically we’re home earlier and the first thing I do is let the chickens out of their coops.

When we got out of the car this evening, Jazzy was making a ruckus — it sounded like something was very wrong. I immediately went out back and let her run around, even though all the other birds were in bed (talk about early birds!). When I came back in, she started to make another fuss. So I went outside. Once I was out there, she was quiet.

I came back inside.

After a while, she started being loud again.

I went back outside, and we slowly meandered over to the coop.

After hanging out around it for a while, she went in and pecked at some scratch on the ground. I closed the gate, locking her in. After hovering around the coop for a minute, I heard her walk up the ramp into the upper roosting area.
Tonight I learned two things:

  • Jazzy likes to be put to bed. Meandering around the yard and making cute noises at me must be her version of reading a story.
  • I am owned by a chicken.

2 Responses to Chicken cuteness

  1. Kenny Cason

    You should come over and see the coop I built, it’s almost done!

  2. Steph

    awesome, Kenny! I will stop by next time I see you guys out and about! How are your birds? Did you end up with any roosters? 🙂

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