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Cool stuff

Broody Midnight and her baby chicks!!!

At exactly 21 days, we made the trip up to Monroe to pick out some new baby chicks that Midnight would hopefully raise as her own. Monroe Farm and Feed had an incredible selection of chicks; some pullets, some straight-run. Some of them were very young, some of them were starting to develop their combs already! I … Continue reading »

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Two eggs

Two eggs, a photo by stephk on Flickr. This photo is from today. Yesterday I found three eggs in the one nesting box. Everyone’s up on how to use the new coop. Life is good.

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My little chicken students

Training your ladies on the ways of a two-story casa when they’re accustomed to a rambler is more challenging than you might think. Today is the first day where all three of them have gone up the ramp to the upper section. I finally realized that I should put an egg in the nesting areas … Continue reading »

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New coop and more!

The new coop arrived today (there’s a story to be told) so the chicks are in the eglu and the old ladies are in the new coop, trying to figure out how it works (it’s a tractor, so they have to climb up into the upper section to roost/lay). BUT… I’m too tired to go … Continue reading »

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Jazzy let me hold her!

For a lot of folks, this isn’t as exciting as it is a normal occurrence. A lot of folks with chicken pets talk about how they’re able to hold their chickens fairly easily. I’ve never really hand-reared my hens. When we had chicks the first time, we raised them in an opaque gray plastic storage … Continue reading »

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Chicken coops

The chicks, Penney and Ginger, are still inside and I’m anxious to get them moved outside. We tried mingling the little birds with the big birds again last night, and it was still like the old ladies were playing soccer with the young ladies. We are going to pick up the 10×10 dog run this … Continue reading »

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